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Turtle Moon Doulas is a cooperative effort between doulas that have experience in all birth settings including home, hospital and birth center. With over two deacdes of combined knowledge & skills plus additional expertise in complementary fields of study, we offer a uniquely practical, soulful & holistic doula care experience for the childbearing year.   The primary intention and fabric of Turtle Moon Doulas and the services we offer is to provide a space to help you nurture your instinctual self and ground in your self-knowledge as you navigate the transformation of the childbearing year.

We are committed as mothers and doulas to not only offer excellent care during pregnancy, birth and postpartum, but also offer by-donation, full-spectrum care & advocacy for all reproductive choices and experiences including abortion or adoption.  We also compassionately serve women and their partners during miscarriage and stillbirth through grounded, heart-centered presence.  This is also a by-donation service.

You're pregnant.  Now What?

Congratulations!  You're having a baby!  There is so much to learn and consider as you begin this journey.  We've gathered some of our trusted early pregnancy resources for expecting parents.  Click HERE to find local, online, and literary resources to consider as you move forward.

Clients of Turtle Moon Doulas have access to a multitude of additional resources specifically geared toward the second, third, and fourth trimesters.  

Testimonials for Turtle Moon Doulas

Here is  what our clients have to say . . .


"My experience with Melanie and Lyla far exceeded my expectations. The pain coping tools Melanie taught me prepared me for a successful natural home birth. I felt safe, comfortable, and well-prepared during the birth of my first child. After the birth, Melanie and Lyla provided in-home postpartum care that made it possible for me to rest, recover and bond with my newborn. They addressed all of my needs, and made sure me, my baby, home and cats were well cared for. Both Melanie and Lyla are kind, compassionate, intuitive, gentle, and nurturing women. I look forward to working with them again for my second pregnancy and birth!"


"My birth was so empowering!  No matter what came up as I labored, Melanie knew exactly what I needed.  My partner had moments of not knowing what to do and how to help, but having Melanie present helped him feel capable of comforting me and simply showing up as loving and present.
  I honestly don't know what I would have done without Melanie.  She was my rock, helping my partner figure out the right thing to do and stepping in when needed. She helped me stay grounded and work through the ‘not knowing’ phases in the whirlwind of labor.  Her presence created emotional safety and she helped me advocate for what I wanted in the hospital and helped me create a space where I was left to labor alone and uninterrupted, just as I had wanted.  I felt much more knowledgeable and empowered thanks to Melanie and her decades of knowledge in assisting other women in birth. At this point, I literally cannot imagine having a baby without her there!"


"I started Melanie's classes being scared of birth, because I knew nothing about it or what to expect. I left her class feeling totally confident that I would be able to handle whatever happened during my birth. The techniques we learned with her were life changing. To this day, I incorporate them into so many different aspects of my life and I'm SO thankful that we decided to learn from her."


"Lyla's positive energy and calmness is what made me want her at my births. Lyla has an abundance of patience, knowledge, and experience in the birthing process which gives her a better understanding of what a laboring momma needs. The emotional support that one woman can give to another, especially during labor, is something that is very special."


Here is  what our clients have to say . . .

Alaina & Jack

"We were given the space and opportunity to dive deeper in our relationship with each other and with our new baby . . . Melanie facilitated our process with gentle guidance . . . We felt ready and excited for our journey through birth and early parenthood."


"Melanie became not only an integral member of our birth team, but also a permanent part of the family. I would recommend her services to anyone who is seeking a deep and meaningful birth experience that is both grounded and truly, magically transformative."

Caitlyn, Forest, and Papa Adam

"As a lesbian couple co-parenting with our child's papa, our unique family structure was respected and honored by Melanie and she provided a safe space for all of us to explore our process. She is a wise, fiercely compassionate and knowledgeable birth worker and we feel so grateful that she was a part of our son's birth and now a part of our lives."