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Awakening Mothers is an on-demand, seven week offering of a vibrant community circle for expectant mothers.  These circles provide a way for pregnant women to enjoy the space, time and focus to truly embrace the journey of the childbearing year in a mindful and meaningful way.  

This offering is authentic and heart-based with an approach informed by Melanie's trainings with Birthing From Within™ and The Hendricks Institute plus her graduate work in Indigenous Science.  It also includes the wealth of our local communities by including mentoring from Wise Women whose work supports the childbearing year.

The larger vision and intention of these circles is to affect a cultural paradigm shift where the childbearing year is seen and held to be one of the most transformative experiences in a woman's life, to fully support women as peacemakers and healers of culture and create stronger families, vibrant communities and a healthier planet. 

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Why Awakening Mothers?

Because there is a profound longing in women to be seen, heard and held in the space of other women during the journey toward motherhood.  In a culture where the average prenatal visit with an obstetrician lasts 15 minutes, these circles give women the time and space to ask heartfelt questions, unravel concerns, be their authentic selves, stand in their truth and celebrate the journey of awakening to motherhood.

In essence, Awakening Mothers intentionally recreates the village. The village that embraces, loves, guides, trusts, accepts and makes holy each woman's experience.  A village of this potency is sorely missing in our cultural landscape of pregnancy and birth.  Bunmi Laditan refers to this missing link and its significance quite eloquently in her Huffington Post article.

Research in neuroscience and psychology reveal that our modern lives are growing in social isolation and dependence on technology and these sociological factors are having an increasingly negative impact on humanity.  In ‘The Village Effect,' a book by Susan Pinker, she writes about humanity being hard-wired for face-to-face connection.  More valuable and supportive than an individual's random Facebook wanderings, is the authentic, in-person connection with others.  This is particularly true for women.  When women can drop the social personas, develop meaningful connections and feel supported, it affects their health, happiness and resilience.  And this culture more than ever needs resilient mothers.

What's Involved?

Awakening Mothers is an invitation to deep presence and intentionality as  the journey of the childbearing year is undertaken.  It's learning to trust the unknowns, the heart and the body to lead a woman exactly where she needs to be to give birth and mother from deep knowledge of self.  

To foster this awakening, the circles include grounded mentoring and guidance as well as an informative component from visiting Wise Women. We foster this journey through many avenues including storytelling, dreamwork, process art, active healing of maternal lineage, connecting with the body of the earth, meaningful ritual and more. 

How to Participate

The ideal way, but not the only way, is for a woman to begin Awakening Mothers Circles in her first trimester.  However, if not started in earlier pregnancy, mothers up to 32 weeks pregnant are encouraged to join.  We will be delighted to have any woman who is yearning to connect with other women and committed to cultivating her intentional presence during this transformative time! 


Dates & Times

These circles are an 'on-demand' offering, please inquire about

upcoming circles by filling out the contact form below.  A minimum of three participants are needed to hold a circle.

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