Awakening Mothers Circles - Agreement

We invite each expectant participant not only to their own inner mythology, but also to their heartfelt questions and complexity as a physical, emotional, and spiritual being. All of us are both the dark and the light, the strength and the vulnerability. We need both and we need each other. Our vulnerability creates a beautiful space in which others’ strengths can fill the gaps and make the circle more complete and balanced. Growing a baby, giving birth and learning to parent, like any initiatory journey, is inherently destabilizing. Awakening Mothers Circles provide the support needed during this transformative time. All pregnant people who have the intention to birth, parent & live gently are welcome. These circles not only nurture, support and inspire pregnant participants to thrive in their role as mother, but also asks all participants to abide by the following guidelines:

Awakening Mothers Circle Guidelines

1.  What is shared in the circle stays in the circle. As a group, we hold a safe space where other expectant people feel open to share. This is created through a shared intention and commitment to holding each other’s confidence, guarding each other’s privacy and honoring the vulnerability of those who share.

2.  We are all space holders for each other. When individuals feel they are held in a deeper way than they are used to, they feel safe enough to allow complex emotions to surface that might normally remain hidden. This circle is an intentional space where pregnant people can feel safe that they will not be judged or shamed by others in the space.

3.  We respect where each participant is on their individual path and each person’s inner wisdom is their own guide.

4.  We practice non-judgment of ourselves and others. No answer is right or wrong. Take what fits your life and your family and leave the rest.

5.  We listen and speak from our hearts, practicing kindness, compassion and consideration for each other.

6.  We trust each individual to reach out for help and support when open to receiving it. We do not give unsolicited advice because we trust each person’s internal compass.

7.  We practice curiosity and ask questions rather than assuming. We listen deeply for profound questions in ourselves & others.

8.  We practice conscious, compassionate communication. Statements like, “It happened for a reason. It could be worse. Everything will be fine,” close the door on communication, minimize the experiences of life and give the message that our feelings are not okay, cannot be understood or shared and as a result we are blocked from releasing them.

9.  We do not stop, comfort or reassure a person who is in an emotive state (i.e. crying, expressing anger, etc). This may be the first, and maybe the only chance to emote surrounded by understanding, compassionate people. This is also an opportunity for all of us to practice compassionate listening.

10.  We trust everything happening in the circle, is an opportunity to expand in our levels of self-awareness and self-trust. We also trust that our experience is in service to the larger story of our collective evolution and the empowerment of women/men/mothers/fathers/partners/families everywhere.

11.  We are 100% responsible for ourselves and our well-being as we participate in the Awakening Mothers circle. We realize that the circle is not a substitute for personal therapy. If we find ourselves experiencing difficult emotions that we are unable to manage by ourselves, we commit to generating the additional support needed through a therapeutic or coaching relationship.

12.  We commit to NOT use the Awakening Mothers Circles as a place to network or market ourselves or our services or products. By all means, connect with other participants and cultivate relationships; however, support for our journey in the circle is the primary context for our relationships inside the circle.

13.  We commit to attend every circle in the 7-week session, arriving a few minutes ahead of start time to not only allow a cohesive feeling for the group, but also to hold space for the opening shares that begin every circle.

Regarding Children: During the circles, we welcome babes-in-arms during the Postpartum Return Circle only. Let this be focused time for yourselves so you can better nurture others. If you need to talk about your child, please be aware they listen, even in the womb. Talk to him/her afterwards about the discussion to be sure they know they are not a “problem,” but rather that we are parents finding ways to be the best parents we can be. In addition, if the conversation is too intense for you, it is probably too intense for your child.

My Commitments as your Awakening Mothers Circle Mentor

•  To hold space for each participant in the service of creating opportunities for growth and learning

• To offer only solicited advice & guidance with humility and thoughtfulness, encouraging the autonomy and sense of power in each individual participant

•  To encourage heart and soul work for each participant, offering each mother the space to reach inside and find the courage to take risks and build inner resilience

•  To see breakdowns as opportunities for learning and growth

•  To withhold judgement and keep an open heart

•  To allow each participant to make different decisions & have different experiences than I might choose or have

•  To see each participant as an individual, honoring each person wherever they are on their own journey

•  To help each participant find their own transformative and creative practices that hold meaning for them

•  To create a safe place where participants can show up and be their authentic selves


$280 - 210 (sliding scale)

I agree to pay the most I can within this sliding scale to allow other participants with less financial means to participate. I understand this amount pays for the 7-weeks of circle time in Awakening Mothers Circles and the Postpartum Return Circle (sometime within the first three months after birth). I also understand there may be additional material & food costs associated with any ceremonies that may happen as part of this journey together.

Accepted Payment Methods

Cash       Local Checks*     Credit Cards**

* Returned checks will incur a $30 processing fee.

** Credit card payments can be processed via PayPal using the payment portal on the Turtle Moon Doulas website and incur an additional 3% charge. You can also use Venmo under the debit card or bank account option with no additional fees. Please call the Turtle Moon Doulas office (707-861-0156) before making any online payments or to arrange a cash payment.

Cancellation Policy

There are no refunds after the signing of this document. The only reason there could be a cancellation of your fees is if there is a pregnancy loss during your time involved in the Awakening Mothers Circle. If there is a pregnancy loss, the pro-rated amount will be refunded for the remaining weeks of your Awakening Mothers Circle.

Signing below indicates I have read and agreed to fees, terms and conditions as set forth in this document.

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