Birth Story Healing

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Melanie is trained in Birth Story Listening, a unique approach developed by Pam England, author and creator of Birthing From Within™.  A Birth Story Healing Session is an opportunity to tell your story in a powerful, precise way to an experienced story listener with the ultimate intention of healing and integration.  

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In our culture, women tend to share difficult birth stories in an effort to heal confusion, disappointment, resentment, grief and shame about how the experience unfolded.

Unfortunately, this unfiltered sharing can be problematic for several reasons.  The primary trouble with this is when a difficult story is told repeatedly in an uncontained way, the interconnected body-mind experiences the event as if it’s currently happening.  The body knows no difference.  Thus, each telling can re-traumatize the storyteller and keep the nervous system highly activated in fight, flight or freeze mode, which effectively blocks the potential for healing. Another reason this unfiltered sharing can be problematic is it adds to the larger cultural story of fear and apprehension around birth.

These stories become our lives and are lived through our bodies, our relationships, our creativity and our parenting.  When challenging stories are part of a woman’s experience the path to integration and healing can be a potent one, creating resilience and transforming her experience into her greatest medicine . . . the deep feminine medicine this world sorely needs.

Birth Story Healing Sessions can effectively reframe difficult stories, calm the nervous system and create new perspective and positive shift.

These sessions may be suitable for you if you are a mother, father, family member or birth professional (nurse, midwife, doctor, doula) who either experienced or witnessed a difficult birth and is:

  • Having difficulty processing a challenging or overwhelming labor, birth or postpartum experience.
  • Feeling disappointed, upset, confused, resentful or sad with certain aspects of how birth unfolded.
  • Feeling regret, shame or grief when you think about the labor, birth or postpartum experience.
  • Preparing for conception or are pregnant and would like to query into a previous birth experience.
  • Preparing for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).
  • Struggling with witnessing or experiencing an unexpected or unwished-for event during labor or birth.

*Birth Story Healing Sessions are not psychotherapy, nor do they replace psychotherapy.

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